These free poems are for kids, children, young adult, adults, and the kid that is old! Each free poem is for private use only. They are all Santa and Christmas based. The free Santa and Christmas poems are not meant to be religious based. They are meant for all, religious or not. The free poems will hopefully make you smile and laugh with joy. Religion should not be the inspiration, laughter and love should be!
     OK, here's some light hearted reading for you. Please start with the first poem if this is your first time into the web site. Please revisit our web site often for new poems and updates. Scroll down for the link to send comments.
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     If you read the poems, and find them amusing and in good taste for children, I would like it if you can help forward the poems to "Children's" Hospitals (any hospital) anywhere in the world. If they can help give just a few moments of distraction from their situation, it will make all of the time we have spent writing them well worth it, thank you, love.
    We have been releasing the poems around December for the holidays. We're sorry (assuming you like them), but we don't have the time to work on them full time. The reason for the December time frame, is because they were started as a Christmas letter that we send out each year to family and friends. The first poem was never meant to be just a one time shot. The next two were actually well on their way at that first poems release time. We just kept our mouths shut. If the feedback would have been really bad, the other two could always have been burned in their early stages! But, alas, the feedback was positive. The first poem did what we wanted, it put a smile on a face and a twinkle in a few eyes. And, so, the madness continues.
    The "series of poems" (the anthology) was meant to be introduced first as a trilogy that did an introduction. The trilogy was meant to introduce the kids in the poem, followed by the dad, and last, but by no means least, the "mischief" mom. She is the pivot of the poems and the family, like so many actual families! The other reason for the trilogy, was that these first three poems were meant to be read to very small children, pre-reading children. And yes, they were also meant to be read, and enjoyed, by adults too! The target age for the anthology is both young and old (hence, part of the name of the first poem). Never, never, let the child in you leave, no matter how old you are. If we only could spread that around the world, it would be a happier place for all.
    The rest of the poems, as far as reading them to the young children, is left up to the discretion of the older child-the adult. The entire series is meant to be child proof. No pre-filtering should be needed, just enjoy. Also, the poems from #4 on, are not so pivoted around Christmas. Rather, they are "Santa", and love, and life, and laughter based. There is not meant to be a religious theme. After all, "Santa" should belong to everybody around the world, irregardless of one's religious beliefs. From our view point, it's love, life, and laughter that really matters, and, oh yes, Santa too!
    Hopefully, we have been trying to leave the poems gender neutral. That way, the reader, regardless of gender, can pull themselves into the poem. So far, the feedback has supported this. Some of the comments have been "I lived the poem". As far as appealing to an age class, that feedback has been positive also. One of the comments back to us said she could not wait to see her parents (in their 70's) at Christmas because she wanted to read the poem to them! The perspective viewing point of the poems is that of a younger person. There is at least one exception to this, and that is the last poem (yes, it has been mapped out). As far as the "period", or years, we have tried to leave that neutral also. Although, from my perspective, I would view it from a 1930's to 1950's or 1960's standpoint. But then, I'm old, and, the door is open! Let your heart decide.
    If you liked the poem/s, pass our web site ( onto a friend. Also, if you enjoyed the reading, check in on us every now and then, tell your friends to do that too.
    We would appreciate your comments back. Please direct those comments to Andrea at her address below. If you have a "special twist" to a story in your life, or maybe a special "childhood memory" that is burned into your memory, drop Andrea an e-mail to the address below.
    Thank You, I hope you enjoyed the reading.
    (And oh, If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Dance sugarplums, dance.)

Andrea Faith Hilla
Ralph John Hilla