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      With our free software, Antiquity Master Crafter, is your line art carving specialist for kitchen and door wood elements in your home and business that can be user designed at a price everyone can afford.
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Line Art Carving, Poems, private island Log Cabin and Marina For Sale and rent, Lake Vermilion
    Free software for designing the line art carving of your choice. You get the ultimate personal touch because it can be your design. From wild life scenes to whatever you please, just pick from our free library of objects to build your own pleasing scenes. You can control the size, layer, and position of each object in the picture. Or, if you want, just pick from one of our already existing scenes and use that picture as it is, or, modify it to your personal touch. Watch the wood in your kitchen and doors spring to life with your design, your personal touch. If the line art carving from our free sample pictures isn't quite to your liking, our free software is there to please. If it still doesn't work out between the two of us, it hasn't cost you a dime because it was free. The only cost you can occur is when we are contracted to actually cut the picture. So, go ahead and try it, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    In addition, there are some free Christmas, Santa, based children's poems or story. The free children's poems, story, are for children, the child, the young adult, the grown adult, and the very fully grown adult, the grandparent. The first three children's poems are meant to stand alone. Collectively, the first three poems are part of the whole story. They are the opening trilogy. If the older adult, or parent, or grandparent, is reading to a younger child, they may only read the opening poem trilogy. However, that adult, or parent, or grandparent, probably should read the entire anthology. The poems do have their humor and pleasant twists. The free children's poems or children poems are meant to pleasantly play with the child's mind and imagination.
    Though the free children's poems are Christmas and Santa based, they are not religious based. Both Christmas and Santa should have a meaning, first of all, for love. That love should be spread around the world irregardless of a persons religion. Love can conquer what wars can not do; true understanding of each other. You do not have to worry about the quality, that is, all of the children's poems, story, are safe reading for any and all age groups.
    One main character that immerges in the children's poems, story, is that of a "mischievous mom". Just as in real life, the central, pivotal, part of every family, is the mother. And that follows through with the theme of the poems, story. In poem 4, "Fireflies and Crickets, Mom's First Visit", we learn about the trickster mom. Yes, fireflies and crickets can sing and dance, it all depends upon who the teacher is. And mom is an excellent teacher!
    Instead of the North Pole getting all of the action, the South Pole, just in case the North Pole melts, gets heavy attention. I am not here to say if Global Warming is fact or fiction, I only want to give Santa a tangible place to live if something happens to the North Pole. Yes, I know it is mythical, but I worry anyway.
    Read the trilogy, if you like the first three children's poems, please continue on. If you know a hospital worker or employee, give, or blog, the WEB address to them.
If somebody, a child or an adult, lying sick in a hospital bed can have the slightest distraction, even for just a moment or two, then writing the poems was well worth it.
    Spread love and peace. Maybe someday all of the people here on earth can live in harmony. Dance sugarplums, dance.

           Andrea Faith Hilla
           Ralph J. Hilla